Ark-13: An Odyssey

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Release Date: April 18, 2016


“We, along with the other 12 Arks, flying out to the far reaches of space are now the only remnants left of humanity. We are the chosen few for the world’s only life rafts. We are Ark-13 and this is an S.O.S.”

When Jake Hansen was selected by GENESIS for Ark-13, he didn’t know what the new world would look like. He didn’t that when he awoke from hyper sleep he would feel like a captive. He didn’t know that GENESIS would remain on the bridge of the ship and in control of all resources. He didn’t know that they would prosecute his fellow colonists for treason. He didn’t know that his natural born rights would be abused. Jake didn’t know that he would have to lead an insurrection to control the Ark – and the course of humanity along with it.

With constant intrigue and mystery, Ark-13 can best be described as Lost meets Interstellar. It carries a broad appeal, as the themes of the story center around the human condition, resilience, self-preservation, and technology’s clash with nature.

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